Write fluent guard in your C# methods

Intoduction What are guard clauses ? Guard clauses are true/false expressions (predicates) found at the top of a method or function that determine whether the function should continue to run. Guard clauses test for preconditions and either immediately return from the method or throw an exception, preventing the remaining body of code from executing. Example A common

Using Json Documents in MySQL

Introduction Before some days I started a new project with blazor. I am using a MySQL database and I tried to work somehow with json documents in MySQL. During searching, I met this gratefull page : https://www.sitepoint.com/use-json-data-fields-mysql-databases/ . Then, I decided to create a nuget package that should do the full communication between my application


Provides a full and clean solution to POST, GET,PUT or DELETE data to server using a Rest API.. Introduction Most of developer are using Web APIs when creating Mobile, Desktop or Web Apps. Every Web API provides a nuber of methodes to be called in the client side : POST, GET, PUT, DELETE. In oder